The 5 Pillars of the HEART


Five letters in the word heart. Each letter is a pillar. Let’s begin with pillar one – H. HURT. For those of us in recovery from something, we were hurting at some time. Recovery brings relief, it brings us back to HEART.
I was hurting while I was actively drinking. When I became sober, I was still hurting. Why? Just because I was not drinking, I had not dealt with the trauma in my life. It took a lot of work. Therapy. Alcoholics Anonymous. SMART Recovery. Coach. Celebrate Recovery. Church. Prayer. Gratitude. Hope. Self-forgiveness. Love.
I now have a daily practice where I have incorporated all of the above. I can tell when I do not begin my day with my daily practice. I have to stop and restart my day. And then I can continue. If something happens to make me hurt, I stop and meditate and pray.
Have you moved past the first pillar? How have you moved past hurting? Do you have a daily practice?
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