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I Feel Fabulous!

I feel fabulous today! I started building my business over a year ago. I went through a process and inner work. I discovered that I do have a purpose here on earth. I discovered my passion which is my purpose!  True Recovery is possible when the inner work is done. True Recovery is more than…

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The State Of Addiction In Maryland

This is my third attempt to write this post. But the State of Addiction in Maryland is heart breaking to me. When, if ever, will this end? What can WE do? Awareness and education. Everyone needs to be made aware of this crisis. Everyone needs to know the signs of possible addiction and alcoholism. Parents…

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My First Blog Post

This is my first attempt at writing a Blog. I have thought about it many many times but today I’m actually writing. For the first time in my life I feel as though I have a purpose here on planet Earth. A purpose that I am passionate about and truly believe in. I feel as…

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