Life After Recovery Coaching


Is it time to move forward and discover that you are worthy of Life After Recovery?


Have you stopped drinking, stopped using mind-altering drugs? Now what? You want to find True Recovery. But abstinence is not enough to find True Recovery. You want to move beyond the darkness of the past and into the light of today.


My journey of recovery has transformed me and I now stand in that light!


And you too can stand in this brilliant light!


  • Tools to discover self-forgiveness

  • Suggestions to develop a self-care plan that includes all parts of your being – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical

  • Ideas to manage emotions and feelings like shame, blame, guilt, remorse and embarrassment

  • Techniques to reduce stress

  • Skills to improve communication to develop healthy, meaningful relationships

  • Exercises for relapse prevention

  • Guidance and planning to create goals to continue True Recovery and beyond


Working together, we will create a roadmap of transformation for you to become internally motivated and full of hope, with the ability to walk with your head held high with self-respect and confidence!

You are not alone in this journey.

It is time to discover that you are worthy of Life After Recovery!