The 5 Pillars of the Heart


Five letters in the word HEART. Each letter is a pillar. In my last email we learned about the first letter – H. Hurting. For those of us in recovery, we were hurting at some time. Recovery brings relief, it brings us back to HEART.

The second letter is E – EXHAUSTED. Active addiction is exhausting. For those whose substance of choice was a drug, whether legal or not, it was exhausting finding our drug of choice and then paying for it. Alcohol is legal and readily available but not always financially accessible.
I was exhausted while I was actively drinking. When I became sober, I was still exhausted. Why? Recovery is not easy. It takes commitment and work. I was working full time and working my recovery program full time. I attended daily meetings, I read, I talked with others in recovery. I developed my own personal recovery plan, including a daily practice.

I can tell when I do not begin my day with my daily practice. I have to stop and restart my day. And then I can continue. I may do this several times throughout the day. Sometimes this just wears me out. But as days, weeks, months, and years have gone by, the exhaustion has subsided.

Have you moved past the second pillar? How have you moved past exhaustion? Do you have a daily practice?
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