The 5 Pillars of the Heart


Five letters in the word HEART. Each letter is a pillar. In my last email we learned about the letter – A. ANGRY. The next letter is R. RESENTMENT. For those of us in recovery, we were resentful at some time. Recovery brings relief, it brings us back to HEART.

I had resentment. Resentment for not feeling worthwhile. Resentment for co-dependency. Resentment for my failed marriage. Resentment towards friends who I thought had everything. Resentment for my negative feelings. Resentment to my fear of expressing myself. And finally resentment towards the bottle which brought resentment to my life. Now what???

Recovery! Recovery saved my life. Literally. Without recovery, I would either be in prison or not on this earth.

Self-forgiveness has been a huge part of my recovery. In fact, I practice self-forgiveness every day. Forgiving myself is the only way the resentment will disappear. I blamed myself for my alcoholism. It brought shame and guilt. And I was stuck and could not move on. The help arrived in the form of a coach. I then began to learn about my inner children. I learned I had to heal from the inside out. Then I was able to let got of the blame, shame, guilt and RESENTMENT.