The 5 Pillars of the Heart


Five letters in the word HEART. Each letter is a pillar. In my last email we learned about the letter – E. Exhausted. The next letter is A. ANGRY. For those of us in recovery, we were angry at some time. Recovery brings relief, it brings us back to HEART.

I was angry. Angry at many things. Angry when I was drinking. Angry when I was in early recover. When I was drinking, I was angry because of my feelings that I did not want to feel. I was angry at family and friends who made accusations that I was an alcoholic. I was angry at my job because I did not want to work. I wanted to be at the bar – drinking. Then I started drinking at work. Co-workers had to drive me home. At a work conference, co-workers had to call 911. The CEO picked me up from the Emergency Room. I left the conference early and resigned. I was too embarrassed to return to work.

And then my slow climb to recovery. It wasn’t easy. It took 5 times to find recovery. Now I have 5 years of recovery! It took time for the anger to subside. I had feelings to process. I had to find new coping skills because my go-to was gone. I had many amends to make, especially to my children and my parents. These relationships took time to repair. They were not fully repaired until I found my Higher Power whom I choose to call God. I discovered that I was a spiritual being living a human experience. I was then able to put the past in the past.

I have now found True Recovery. True Joy and Freedom.

Have you moved past the third pillar? How have you moved past anger? Do you have a daily practice?
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